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Publication of the guidelines "L’archivage archéologique en Suisse"


As a result of the project "Archaeological resources in cultural heritage: a european standard (ARCH:ES)", a Reference and Good Practice Guide for archaeological archiving in Europe was published in 2014 by the Europae Archaeologica Consilium (EAC) and is available on the internet. This document proposes various basic rules for preserving and making accessible archaeological documentary and material archives in the long term. In parallel to this European approach, the national project "L’archivage archéologique en Suisse" (2012 - 2014) aimed to carry out an inventory of Swiss archaeological archives and then to publish a guide similar to the EAC, adapted to the Swiss system. This book was written by Cynthia Dunning Thierstein, Lauriane Vieli and with the collaboration of Aurélie Rogalla von Bieberstein. It was supported by the Swiss Federal Office for Culture (FOC) and published in 2016.

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