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© Benoît Dietrich

Films on pile-dwelling sites in Switzerland (videoclips)


In June 2018, ArchaeoConcept and the New Museum Biel (NMB), in collaboration with the film director Benoît Dietrich (, produced an innovative and dynamic video clip project entitled "Voyage dans la préhistoire palafittique : un parcours scientifique et médiatique entre le Seeland et l’Italie alpine ". The project was based on the fact that the lake dwellings in the six countries of the Alpine arc (Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia and Austria) are still largely unknown to the public. Despite their nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011, they suffer from a lack of visibility on the part of local communities, which can have dramatic consequences for their long-term protection and conservation.

These two institutions thus intended to respond constructively to these challenges by giving greater visibility to lake archaeology and by complementing the existing mediation mechanisms. Moreover, this project fitted in perfectly with the PalaFITtes Tour 2018, organised within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, which aims to link the 111 UNESCO nominated sites. We produced video clips with several specialists, responsible for the management of sites in Switzerland, which allowed them to explain the particularities of their site and of lake archaeology in an educational way. We discovered the sites of Zug-Sumpf (ZG) with Guishan Schärren and Sutz-Lattrigen (BE) with Regine Stapfer as well as the Laténium - Parc et musée d'archéologie (NE) with Marc-Antoine Kaeser and Géraldine Delley.

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