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Accompaniment of a group of specialists from South Korea in Sutz-Lattrigen and Neuchâtel (Switzerland)


Cynthia Dunning Thierstein was invited by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) to accompany a delegation of ICOMOS members, university professors and research assistants from South Korea on a tour of lake sites and museums in the Three Lakes region. The group visited the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sutz-Lattrigen (Bern) and the Laténium (Neuchâtel). There she explained the nomination process of the "Prehistoric Pile-dwellings around the Alps". During the discussion, she presented the initial motivations, the important steps, the criteria for the selection of the sites and the difficulties encountered and inherent to transnational serial World Heritage properties. The visit ended at the Laténium, where the group was welcomed by its director Marc-Antoine Kaeser.

  • Archaeology
  • Switzerland
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  • Guided tour
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