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Archéologie et histoire ancienne : Méditerranée – Europe (Archimède)

In the context of research on Hallstattian ceramics and small ceramic objects from Alsace and Western Switzerland, Cynthia Dunning Thierstein is taking part in research undertaken by the Medio-European and Rhenish Archaeology team (AMER) of the UMR 7044 Archimedes, based in Strasbourg. This study aims to refine the research that has been started on spindle whorls and habitat ceramics of the Early Iron Age. It provides an opportunity to develop regional research (north-eastern France, Switzerland, southern Germany and Italy) and to complete the results of the analysis of ceramic material from the Hallstattian site of Onnens, communicated on several occasions (colloquia on domestic activities in the Iron Age and on craft techniques in the Bronze Age) and published in a monograph published in 2018 in the Cahiers d'archéologie romande (CAR).

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