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Programme Vohemar (Madagascar)


This project, launched in 2011, includes various scientific components aimed at developing knowledge of the history of the Vohemar region (Madagascar). Firstly, it aims to better understand the local history of Vohemar, using modern archaeological and anthropological methods in collaboration with the local population. The project team wanted to bring the inhabitants of Vohemar together by offering them a better understanding of the local past. It also wanted to involve them in activities related to the protection and management of their heritage on land and at sea, and to provide them with training so that they could manage the archaeological sites in a sustainable manner in the future. This project has been suspended for reasons related to the funding of the programme as well as insufficient local interest.

  • Mediation
  • International
  • Research
  • Programme
  • Evaluation
  • Coaching
  • Development of know-how
  • Participatory approach
  • Enhancement
  • Fundraising