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Landscape, archaeology and tourismOrganisation of the conference


ArchaeoConcept organized in collaboration with the city of Fribourg (Switzerland), the Archaeological Service of the State of Fribourg (SAEF), the Union Fribourgeoise du Tourisme (UFT), Fribourg Tourisme and the Swiss Foundation for Landscape Protection and Development (SL-FP), the third colloquium of the ArchaeoTourism (AT) association. The meeting focused on the theme "Landscape, archaeology and tourism" and took place on 13 and 14 October 2016 in Fribourg and in the Broye region of Fribourg and Vaud.

The 10 conferences presented on this occasion brought together archaeologists, landscape specialists, sociologists, heritage management professionals as well as tourism and museum specialists. They explored the theoretical and practical interactions between landscape, archaeology and tourism. The aim was to establish a common frame of reference for these three fields by allowing a meeting between specialists. The first day was devoted to presentations. The second day, devoted to workshops, took place outdoors, despite the inclement weather. The participants first visited the pile-dwelling village of Gletterens, before following the Attitude Oxygen team of mountain guides to the Roman Museum in Vallon. They then continued on to Avenches for a visit of the ramparts, before conducting the two final workshops together at the Hôtel de la Couronne in Avenches. The meeting ended with a speech by the Mayor, Mrs. Roxanne Meyer Keller, and a convivial drink. The proceedings of this conference were published in 2018.

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