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Development of the Lapidary of Saint-Ursanne (Jura, Switzerland)


This project, carried out in collaboration with the architect Catherine Chofflon, consisted of the creation of a concept for the new layout of the Lapidary of the Museum of Saint-Ursanne, in the Jura. It was commissioned by the Biel-Seeland-Jura Tourist Office and the parish of Saint-Ursanne. The concept was divided into three parts: interventions related to the architecture of the building, conservation aspects of the collections and museography. The preparations for this project took place mainly in 2011, through several trips to Saint-Ursanne and Saignelégier as well as meetings with Steve Maridor (Enjoy Switzerland) and Lucette Stalder (Musée Lapidaire de Saint-Ursanne). The conceptual phase of the project was completed in early 2012. However, the project could not be realised for financial reasons.

However, it was used for the work of museology students from the University of Neuchâtel, who were to prepare concepts for implementation in 2018.

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