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Project in progress

Valorization of the Mur (dit) d'Hannibal

After more than a decade of research, the RAMHA association (Recherches Archéologiques du Mur (dit) d'Hannibal) now wishes to present to the public the results of the archaeological investigations carried out on the (so called) Hannibal's Wall, an archaeological site from the Roman period located at an altitude of 2650 m in the Entremont valley in the Valais. In collaboration with the association's scientific committee, ArchaeoConcept has been commissioned to create a didactic path and the content of an interpretation centre in Liddes. The didactic path will be ready for the public in summer 2024, and discussions about the interpretation centre are ongoing.

  • Archaeology
  • Mediation
  • Switzerland
  • Guided tour
  • Electronic media
  • Graphics
  • Networking
  • Multilingual
  • Fundraising
  • Development of know-how