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Hétérotopies (Geneva)Redevelopment of part of the Bastion de Saint-Antoine


ArchaeoConcept advised the architectural team of the Geneva-based firm Dunning Architecture ( and the Lanod firm in the redevelopment project of the Bastion Saint-Antoine in Geneva. It guided them in the design of a project where archaeology is well integrated and where the understanding of the surrounding heritage has nourished the architectural reflection. In fact, archaeologists undertook major excavations over a period of more than two years here. The many remains unearthed date from the end of the La Tène period, the 2nd and 3rd centuries and the 9-11th centuries of our era. In particular, an important ecclesia transformed into a funeral chapel was unearthed, attesting to the antiquity of Christian occupations in this still rural part of Geneva.

The hundreds of excavated tombs and other archaeological remains are still visible and the authorities wish to make this heritage accessible to visitors. The architectural project had to include a small interpretation centre with premises for activities and the public development of the square, taking into consideration its many uses linked to the city's events (music festival, Escalade, food festivals, etc.).

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