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Publication of the salons archéologiques


Conducted in nine Swiss cities, the Salons archéologiques provided data on the social and societal values attributed to archaeology and heritage by the population. On the basis of the evidence collected, we seek to understand what people expect from experts and what they think of the sciences, knowledge and objects of the past. This knowledge constitutes an essential starting point to ensure a sustainable and integrated management of heritage assets, based on the idea of heritage as a common good. The results of the data analysis will be published in the form of a bilingual manual (French and German) entitled: "Parler d'archéologie autrement. Un manuel pratique" by the specialist publishers Librum Publishers & Editors. The contents of the handbook will provide professionals working in the field of archaeological heritage mediation with the keys to developing projects that meet the expectations of the public and enable them to rethink the roles that archaeology can play in society in the 21st century.

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