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Fully Museum, Alpine know-how and hydroelectricityFor a unifying, living, sustainable and reliable museum

ArchaeoConcept has been commissioned by the Fondation Martial Ançay (FMA) to develop a document presenting a vision for the future of the "Fully Museum, Alpine know-how and hydroelectricity". This request follows the announcement by the Municipal Council of Fully in December 2021 that it wished to terminate the lease of the occupants of the Fully hydroelectric plant, which was recently purchased by the municipality. The Museum currently occupies a surface area of 240m2 housing an exhibition space, the turbine room, a mechanical workshop and the storeroom where the Martial Ançay collection is kept, as well as other collections acquired since then, including in particular the furniture and objects that enabled the operation of the hydroelectric plant. It was necessary to demonstrate that the museum can create synergies between the various heritage associations in the region, that the museum is a living place that brings everyone together around heritage through an attractive programme of activities and appropriate communication and that sustainability was at the heart of the project. The aim of all this was to ensure that the storeroom and other premises allocated to the Museum on the lower ground floor of the former hydroelectric plant building would be maintained and the lease renewed for 10 years.

Following the success of this initiative, ArchaeoConcept has been asked once again to apply for the Fully Museum's collections to be accepted as being of cantonal importance. In addition, ArchaeoConcept is to approach the Université de Neuchâtel to ascertain whether or not it is possible for this institution to participate in the museum's museological development.

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