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UNESCO World Heritage Day in Biel/Bienne


UNESCO World Heritage was celebrated worldwide on the first international day dedicated to it in June 2016. As Lake Biel has five lake dwellings on the World Heritage List, the New Museum Biel (NMB), ArchaeoConcept, the Archaeological Service of the Canton of Berne (ADB) and the Tourist Office Jura Trois-Lacs / Drei-Seen-Land decided to organise an archaeological treasure hunt on the theme of palafittes. The treasure hunt took place between the NMB and the ADB diving station in Sutz-Lattrigen and consisted of seven stations dealing with different themes: the museum, archaeological excavations, metallurgy, water transport, food and subsistence economy, the dendrochronological dating method and underwater excavations. At each station, visitors could participate in an activity and ask questions. The game was designed so that participants could travel by bicycle, on foot or by public transport. Despite the inclement weather, more than fifty people took part in the activity.

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