Leana Catalfamo is a research collaborator at ArchaeoConcept since August 2022. A graduate archaeologist from the universities of Neuchâtel and Basel, she has been involved in various excavation campaigns since 2010, both in Switzerland (cantons of BE, FR, JU, NE and VS) and abroad. From the sands of Sudan to the dust of Greek Euboea, the many campaigns she has carried out abroad are also opportunities for her to discover new sensitivities to cultural heritage.

Between 2020 and 2022 she worked for the archaeological service of the canton of Bern, then for the canton of Valais. Curious about human history and convinced of the importance of high-quality scientific communication for a public less familiar with archaeology, she worked as a guide in the museum institutions of the Laténium (NE), then the New Museum of Biel (BE), Augusta Raurica (BL) and most recently at the Vindonissa/Windisch site (AG), as a cultural mediator.

In summer 2022, she took over the project to promote the archaeological site of the so-called Hannibal Wall from Aurelia Basterrechea, who is away on a trip. Since February 2023, she is also involved in the project on universal accessibility of archaeological sites.