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"Parler d'archéologie autrement. Un manuel pratique"Recently published by LIBRUM Publishers & Editors

Ellinor Dunning, Camille Aeschimann ArchaeoConcept (Edit.)

Do you work in the field of archaeological and heritage mediation? Do you want to pass on your passion and knowledge about the past? Do you wonder how the community perceives and experiences archaeology? This handbook presents the views, expectations and interests of the Swiss population with regard to archaeology and heritage.
The contents are based on the testimonies of people who do not necessarily know archaeology but who appreciate it. Their stories were collected during archaeological fairs, meetings that allow both research and a moment of mediation around archaeology.
The accounts given by the participants in the Archaeological Fairs are intimate and sometimes critical. They are presented by theme: How is archaeology defined? What images does it convey? How does it make us think about contemporary society? What relationships are built in contact with the remains of the past?
The plurality of points of view presented highlights the richness of the relationships to archaeology. These ways of seeing offer an inspiring starting point for a renewed dialogue with the population on heritage. This book is a tool for developing mediation projects that are based on the expectations of the public and allow for a rethinking of the roles of archaeology in 21st century society.

The publication "Parler d'archéologie autrement. Un manuel pratique" is published in print and can be used free of charge in Open Access. In this way, the publisher and the publishing house support the international scientific discourse and the demand of academic institutions for free access to scientific literature. The publication is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.