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Archaeological sites and parks for allA project for universal accessibility

What if archaeological sites and parks were accessible to as many people as possible? This question seems obvious, but it is not yet. In Switzerland, more than 300 archaeological sites are open to the public, but not a single site in the countryside is accessible to everyone, especially the elderly and people with disabilities. The project "Archaeological sites and parks for all" therefore proposes to achieve universal accessibility to archaeological sites and parks in the open air. By developing an accessibility methodology based on previous experiences in the fields of tourism and culture in Switzerland and abroad, and by implementing three pilot projects on archaeological sites, this project aims to generate the development of know-how and sustainable collaborations between the tourism, culture, nature and disability networks. The know-how thus created will make it possible to identify a series of "good practices" that can be reproduced for other sites and will lead to a better consideration of the diversity of the public in the development of archaeological sites and parks in Switzerland.

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