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Fortified sites in Valais, from Prehistory to the present day


In 2019, ArchaeoConcept and the association ArchaeoTourism will start a large cantonal exhibition project with the Archaeology Department of the Canton of Valais. This touring exhibition will deal with the theme of hilltop settlements and defence systems developed by past populations in the mountains from a diachronic perspective, and will consist of seven sites that cover the Valais from prehistory to the 20th century: the Heindischbühl in Raron (Neolithic period), the Château de la Soie in Savièse (Neolithic period), the Scex-Rouge in Fully (Bronze and Iron Age), the Mur (dit) d'Hannibal in Liddes (Iron Age and Roman period), the Cornillon in Vionnaz (8th-12th century), the castle of beauregard near Chippis (14th century) and the Naters fort (from 1939). These different forms of settlements, which rise up in the mountain relief, are illustrated by models and accompanied by archaeological objects.

Between summer 2021 and autumn 2022, the exhibition will be shown in four places, alternately in French and German-speaking parts of teh canton: the World Nature Forum in Naters, the castle of Saint-Maurice, the castle of Leuk and the Arsenal Cultural Centre in Sion. In order to deepen the theme of hilltop sites, a publication of around 100 pages will be published in French and German, presenting other sites unknown to the public. The strength of this exhibition lies in its focus on the defensive splendour of the Valais and in bringing together numerous specialists on this crucial subject. ArchaeoConcept is responsible for coordination between the partners, fundraising, follow-up and the conception of the exhibition's main theme.

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