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Book "Par monts et par vaux. Sites fortifiés du Valais au fil du temps"The book accompanying the exhibition

This 144-page publication traces the history of fortified sites in the Valais from prehistoric times to the early 20th century. The alpine relief offers naturally fortified and dominant positions, such as rocky spurs or flats near which there are resources and land to raise cattle and cultivate, and where fortifications and ditches were built. Over time, techniques evolve, responding to the challenges and dangers of each period, leaving future generations with more obvious traces and more abundant historical sources.

The aim of the book, in addition to immersing the reader in past contexts, is to take him or her on a journey of discovery of these mountain settlement sites which mark out the prehistory and history of the Valais. We hope that curiosity will lead visitors to go and experience "in real life" the perceptions promoted by this book.